Job Interview Tips

Today, I got a job! Finally! I’m a working lady now, not that i never worked before, I just never got paid for it. The interview went okay but nerves were definitely there. So if you are currently looking for a job, I have some tips.


1. Be kind no matter how scary the interviewer is (not to scare you more haha)

2. Prepare before you go in (how you greet them, some questions, your outfit, etc.)

3. Listen to some upbeat music or watch a funny youtube video before 😉


5. Look the person in the eyes. Not as if your going to kill them or anything but try to keep eye contact.

6. Be confident! Try not to play with your hair or fidget with your hands. SHOW NO SIGNS OF WEAKNESS (just kidding, haha, but really try to be okay🙆).

7. Get a little info on the company in case you want to use that knowledge in your interview.

8. Be yourself, and know it will all go well.



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