Hard work

Now, as you may already know I have started my job and that is why I haven’t been able to post much. But, I plan on posting more in the next four days because I have them off. Learning everything at my job has been a bit difficult but now it’s becoming a bit more easier. The one thing I detest is dealing with customers, especially if they are rude for no reason. Personally, I feel like everyone should put their best self forward no matter what because you never know what sort of struggles people are going through. Now, there have also been some rather odd people, which of course, you can’t just blow them off but it’s also opened my eyes to these different members of our society. And quite frankly it’s just a part of life. You may meet people that are funny, nice, sweet, or strange, or even complete wads in your life, BUT that doesn’t mean you should retaliate back with negative comments or anything–simply take it in stride. And when you realize you most likely will never see these people again, or even that you won’t remember these horrendous occurrences is when you begin to go with the flow and accept things for what they are ( at least I have anyways haha). Also, if you try to put your best face forward you could turn Simone else’s Fromm upside down, and there’s no greater feeling than making someone smile when it seems as though they haven’t in a while.

Love you guys,


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