Guess what

Dear people reading my blog,

Hi. If you don’t know me, that’s okay I don’t really expect you to because you most likely stumbled upon this looking for a much cooler person. Anyways, I now have another blog (for school) using this website. And guess what we have to do? We get to blog about whatever it is we love and why we love it *raises eyebrows excitedly*. It’s pretty funny because I have the same exact name but added a “3” at the end…I know, I’m so original. Also, I quite like the way my theme is for my school blog; it’s fun and gets me excited about starting another one. We’ll just have to see how this all goes but I want you to know I will be posting on both (this one as much as I can). So if you happen to see two posts about the same thing, please note that I’m not plagiarizing because I now have two blogging websites. And it would mean the absolute world to me if you went and checked out my other blog (mystreetchic3) even though nothing is posted as of this moment. I hope everything goes well, but only time will tell. Plus, I think I linked the two blogs together so I mean I just hope no one ends up finding this one because that would be hella awkward. Yes, I did just say “hella.”

P.s. Now I’m gonna go chill and play video games.😅🎮👾

💖 Nat


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