Hello! My name is Natalie and I’ve had an interest in beauty and fashion ever since I can remember. The real interest came about a few years ago when I started my youtube channel and discovered a whole new world (disney reference, haha) where people could follow other people that had the same interests and enjoy doing or viewing something they love. To be honest, I have a lot of interests but I find I really enjoy the girly side of life and I hope to inspire people to embrace their girlyness as well as themselves. I believe everyone should be comfortable with who they are (not to say that I completely am, let’s be real no one is 100%) and not be afraid to show it off. I for one enjoy makeup and style, some may say that makes me superficial or conceited but I say that makes me, me. I hope to one day take my love for fashion, writing, and passion for inspiring people and move it outside of the Internet to a place where I can do what I love. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to create a fashion blog before, because I love writing, I love fashion, so why didn’t I just go *claps hands* and put them together? Anyways, I created this blog not only to see where it could take me in life but also to simply have fun and do what I love. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy doing this.


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